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Concerns with Vinyl Siding

Architects,builders, and homeowners in 12 northeastern states were surveyed to learn how siding products were selected in residential construction projects. It was revealed that several issues control the selection of specific materials and products. The importance of  performance, cost, and appearance were among the most relevent.

Significant attributes indicated that vinyl siding is expected to fit the style of homes and hold up over time. Most respondents were concerned that vinyl siding may be easily damaged, yet among cost factors, installation cost and having a good warranty.....vinyl siding ranked the most popular.

More factors considered were product reputation and the respondents first-hand knowledge of the product. Contractors in the northeastern U.S. considered performance and appearance as having a more important influence on selection than do cost or recommendations. The survey also revealed that given the choice, Contractors prefer vinyl by a wide margin and because of this preference the authors of this survey concluded that this will most definitely influence homeowner tastes and help drive the choice in siding.  The fact that the siding material does hold true to the test of time will greatly increase the future of vinyl siding.

According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Research Center, In 2002, vinyl siding spanned about 31 percent of the market.

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