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Choosing an Exterior Siding

Written by Paul Lafromboise

Choosing the finish covering for the exterior walls of a home is an important decision.  The choice of siding has a direct influence on appearance, performance, durability, repair, maintenance and cost.  Today's marketplace presents designers, builders, and homeowners with a long list of materials and products to choose from.  The siding market is segmented into several divisions based on the materials used.

Now since the late 1950's the application (the way vinyl siding is installed) of vinyl siding has hardly changed at all, and so forth goes the old saying...Stick to what you know! But I am here to tell you that I have developed a patent-pending product and a system of vinyl siding that no other company has to offer (because they have stuck with the old ways) and big companies will soon know that this brand new innovative system in vinyl siding application will not only drastically improve the appearance of a home, but also save significant amounts of time and money!

One of the challenges that affects installation is the high amount of expansion the material experiences when the temperature increases.  A 12-foot length of vinyl siding can grow 5/8 inch from winter to summer.  Since this is an unchangeable characteristic of vinyl, designers have devised ways to accommodate this movement by developing trim pockets that disguise length changes, by using wide nail slots and by training installers not to drive nail heads tight.  Properly installed vinyl siding should be able to slide back and forth with temperature changes.

With the versatility of vinyl products out there we of course all know by now the benefits of choosing vinyl siding over wood siding.

The bigger challenge then becomes getting a vinyl sided home to look more like a wood sided home.  The answer lies in the TRIM.  There are five or six critical pieces of trim to obtain this illusion: freeze board, Ghost-J™, outside corner post, anderson window casing, rake trim, and freeze trim.  Traditional installers waste a lot of time and J-channel only to have the finished result look like a vinyl sided job.

 This new innovative patent-pending product and system was introduced to the Vinyl Siding Industry by one Paul Lafromboise and was submitted for patent in 2004. Two company's had been very supportive and open minded to changes in the industry and continue to be even today. We can insure homeowners that no system of Vinyl Siding application comes close to what we offer.

Proving once again that the challenge has been met, and the look of wood does exist.

You will ABSOLUTELY NOT find this unique system of application anywhere else and I encourage you to look into the "future of vinyl siding" which can be found below or in the navagation menu.

Read "the Future of Vinyl" to discover how we developed an amazing new product and technique that results in a wood sided finish AND you can save big $$$ on energy costs at the same time!

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