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Inquiries may reach me at any time via the contact number above. Fill and submit the online form if you are merely looking for a ballpark figure and we will store your information to our database and provide you with an estimate via spreadsheet. No other company offers this feature and we are proud to make your life easier as well as making you feel more comfortable. Email is also an option if you are tied up at work and can not seem to find the time.

Advanced Siding & Window Co. has NO SALES PEOPLE...only experienced hands on applicators personally trained and held to a standard of excellence in exterior water deflection. Don't trust your homes exterior to just anyone. Let the professionals of Advanced Siding & Window Co. guide you through the process, all the while knowing that you have made the right decision.

Please note: Advanced Siding & Window Co. will never give out your personal information to third party company's or websites and is used merely for contact purposes.


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Vinyl siding is sold in cartons that contain two "squares." Each square of siding covers 100 square feet. To estimate the amount of siding you�ll need, determine the exterior square footage of your home and divide by 100.

To determine exterior square footage: multiply the width times the height of your exterior walls including gable ends.

(If your worried about measuring incorrectly...Don't!)   

Eric or Paul will remeasure anyway before the project starts to assure proper footage.


  • Determine the square footage of all doors and windows, then subtract this amount from the total square footage of your walls.
  • Add 10% to your final total to make up for cutting and waste.
    If you are unsure, simply type (2200)

What is the total square footage?

What year was your home built?

Which of the following additional features would you like in your home?

Please provide the quantity of each item you checked in the order you checked them, i.e. Entry Door=1(Vinyl siding is exempt)

Do you have a garage?

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What is the total square footage of your garage(If detached)

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