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With years of professional experience comes a choice in products that others fail to recognize. The choice to "Go Green" is always the popular choice and with vinyl products that do not produce harmful silica dust, the choice should be easy!

Say goodbye to premium siding and accessories for home exteriors in the standard white, taupe and beige and say hello to more than 3,000 low-maintenance products in Tropical Coral, Lemon Ice, and Deep Emerald. Alcoa Home Exteriors DreamColor line of exterior products is available in almost any color imaginable.

DreamColor offers everything from premium siding, soffit and fascia and designer accents to shutters and window treatments and rain removal systems.

Features include:

* Custom color matching
* Custom color creation
* Color sample available

Forget what you thought you knew about choosing vinyl siding - no more standard "dull-dozen" siding colors. DreamColor gives you over 700 baseline colors to choose from, and if you don't find the color you want, there's the option to custom match it to almost any color of the rainbow.
Imagine selecting color like selecting paint!

Colors that make rainbows jealous

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