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Service Repairs for existing customers

As you know, we stand by our "once a customer, always a customer" guarantee meaning once you are a customer, you will will receive repairs for free for the first 5 years. If you melt your siding with a grill too close to the house OOPS!, no problem, we'll replace that. Ding your garage door casings with your car OOPS!, we'll replace that. Dent your window sill from a heavy air conditioner OOPS!, we'll replace that!

Service Repairs for non existing customers

If you are in need of exterior repairs such as a dented garage door casing, melted siding etc.. merely give us a call. There will be a $300 minimum charge plus materials and a $24/hr labor rate with most repairs taking 1-2 hours. We receive calls like this all the time and by no means do we want to over charge you. Most of our repair work is given to our team of professionals as an added bonus to being among the best this industry has to offer, so give us a call. Our team will thank you.

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